Social commerce in blockchain. Create your community and earn more than you spend.

A new ecosystem, created to increase the purchasing power of those who buy and the customer base of those who sell, through a system of collective income and customer sharing.

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How does CoinShare work?

CoinShare is a collaborative social shopping platform

It allows those who buy to receive a CashBack in cryptocurrency for each purchase made and, by way of an addition, even for purchases within their own community. The stores, both physical and online, have an interface to increase their customer base thanks to the CoinShare community. But not only: they accumulate and earn from purchases made by their customers in the stores of the circuit. All participants in the CoinShare community are called “Sharers”.
The Sharers receive extra earnings every day thanks to an algorithm that rewards the most active participants.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a ledger open to all, a sort of public register. Information on this ledger is recorded in blocks. These are linked together in the order in which they were created and connected using cryptography, which binds them in a virtually non-editable way. To put it simply: Blockchain is used to record events and make sure that the record is never deleted.

This feature makes it particularly useful in situations where two or more subjects want to make a deal, but do not trust each other as they have never met. Blockchain goes beyond these limits and allows us to create new relationships based on trust and certainty of transactions. The Blockchain used for CoinShare is Ethereum.

Social-Commerce and Blockchain

Maximum transparency In the Ethereum blocks we will record all the activities that every member of the community will carry out within the network: purchases, sales, cashbacks and people/shops that you subscribe to the community.

Cashback and Blockchain

Every purchase made through CoinShare generates a credit in cryptocurrency that will be recorded in the Blockchain and will be expendable within the circuit. Alternatively, these credits can be exchanged or converted into other cryptocurrencies on the main exchanges.

Ranking and Blockchain

Trust, sharing and meritocratic system.

The activities carried out in the circuit generate a ranking among the participants that allows you to receive bonus credits in cryptocurrency depending on the placement. The more you use CoinShare, the more you share, the more you earn bonus credits each week.

Two different tokens for a single system

The cryptocurrencies used in the CoinShare circuit are referred to as “Tokens”. The tokens are denominated TCJ, an acronym of “Token CoinShare Join” and are, in effect, Utility Tokens issued in limited form (total circulation 500 million units) and used to access platform services. They will be “burned” automatically after each use on the CoinShare platform.

Benefits of participating in the TCJ Token Sale

Join the community at an advantageous price.

By purchasing the TCJ during the Token Sale, you may acquire our Utility Token and receive other Bonus Tokens that offer our services at an advantageous price.

500 million Tokens have been issued.

TCJ Tokens are limited and will be burned when used to access platform services. This approach will create a system of scarcity, designed to reward those holding on to their tokens for as long as possible.

Core team

Luigi Maisto

CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur and innovator with a broad investment portfolio, among which we may highlight MyBestGroup SpA, Easycloud ltd srl, and Microbees ltd. He founded MyG21 Ltd in 2014, the first sharing community and origin of the Coinshare project. As a whole, companies in his portfolio exceed € 35 million in revenue and employ over 1,500 people.

Daniele Viganò

CIO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur, motivator, international speaker who loves training and innovations, as is the Blockchain today. This is the formula that best sums up everything that Daniele Viganò has been doing for 30 years. In 2003 he founded Key21 together with a group of entrepreneurs / friends, a company that then became MyBest, which made history in the utility sector. The group has grown from a million of turnover to generate revenues of over 250 million euros with over 5 million active customers in the sector perhaps the most fashionable at the moment: the switching economy (as defined by Accenture). “All thanks to the team” is often repeated Daniel, who lives in Barcelona with his family and is considered by many a true “visionary” and an innovator in his field. It is no coincidence that its innovations on the comparator market today have been adopted by many competitors.

Valentino Del Giudice


Graduated in 2005 in Telecommunications Engineering at the "Federico II" University of Naples. After his studies, he worked for companies such as ACI Informatica and Accenture Technology Solutions. In 2008, he became IT Manager at Inova SPA, an innovative company open to new technologies. From 2014, he was CTO at myG21 LTD, with the mandate to develop a socio-economic model based on sharing and the sharing economy.

Roberto Re

CLO & Co-Founder

Over 25 years of field experience, over 350,000 attendees to his courses, thousands of classroom days and hundreds of personal coaching engagements, make of Roberto Re a leading figure in European training. In 1992, he co-founded HRD Training Group, a leading Italian company in managerial and behavioural training, of which he is Master Trainer. HRD Training Group and Roberto Re are the recognised leaders in the personal development sector thanks to a specific know-how both in terms of content and methodology. HRD was the first Italian training company to produce audio, video courses and multimedia courses online.

Piero Rocca


In 1984 he approved the qualifying exams and enrolled in the Register of Accountants of Milan, starting his professional career in his father's study. In 1987 he was with Giancarlo Pagliarini (Minister of the Budget of the first Berlusconi government) among the founding members of the auditing company Pagliarini & Rocca Sas. In 1992 he was appointed official auditor of the accounts. Until 1998 he devoted himself to the free profession carrying out the activity of accountant with important clients in various sectors including insurance, sport, distribution and retail. In 1998 he collaborated with Massimo Moretti in the Inter Campus project to promote and promote young soccer players in the orbit of F.C. International. In August 1999 he moved with his family (his wife is from Madrid) to Spain where he currently resides. He leaves the activity of accountant and is dedicated to consulting for Italian companies that want to open overseas by participating personally in the launch of several start-ups. In 2003 he was a founding member of MyBest Group, a multi-channel group operating in the utilities and e-commerce sectors, and occupies GM's position for the Spanish market. In 2014 and among the founders of MyG21 of which he is currently a member of the Board of Directors. In 2016 together with Patrizia La Daga and Daniele Viganò founded, the web that aims to promote Italian culture, tradition and excellence all over the world.

Rossano Petrucci

CoinShop Sales Director

Enthusiastic entrepreneur, co-founder of the MyBest SPA group, listed on Euronext Growth in Paris from September 2018. After graduating in Economics and Trade at University of Pescara in 1996, he began his entrepreneurial career ranging from music, to utilities and long-term car hire. Passionate about INNOVATION, expert in the management of sales networks and in the switching economy, ready to seize the opportunities arising from the changes and always looking for new CHALLENGES.

Valeria Savanelli

CCO (Chief Communication Officer)

Professional experience gained over 16 years as Head of Communication and Sales Account Manager. In 2009, he joined the Key21 group, taking care of production related to the realisation of company objectives, both through customer management and through sales strategies. Thanks to his field training and the permanent contact with business managers, alongside his strong desire to learn and acquire new skills, he is entrusted with increasingly challenging assignments including the development of new businesses like Beessmart and Microbees technology Ltd in 2015

Giuseppe dello Iacono

Senior Developer

Software developer with more than 10 years experience in application development at Inova, Edison, myG21, Beessmart. Poured at every stage of the development lifecycle, including design, development, debugging, testing and maintenance. He works for the development and optimization of applications in multilevel architecture, researching and applying innovative technological solutions to offer solutions in step with the times.

Patrizia Silvestri

Web Solution Architect

His experience developed gradually, starting in the academic world and moving on to production first and then to design, with practice also in the training field. For 18 years, he worked as a graphic designer, initially as a freelance professional and then collaborating with renowned companies such as Key21 spa, Watson, etc. From 2014, he is the Head of Graphic Design at myG21 Ltd. Expert in the creation of communication products as well as consolidated experience in Web Design, User Interface Design, Responsive Design, Branding, 3D model, video.

Paul Renda


CEO & Owner of Miller & Partners s.r.l. Thanks to the different experiences of study and work done abroad, back in Italy he wanted to set a dynamic career that allowed him to create a consulting company able to offer an integrated support service to improve business performance. For this he began his career working in the human resources sector, progressively has therefore assumed positions of project manager in various sectors (health, logistics, hotel) trying to deepen the knowledge of different business areas. This helped me to develop a broad vision of business processes. For many years now, with his team, he has supported SMEs and medium-sized companies both on the professional (labor, tax and corporate) and organizational side, through customized supports aimed at recovering efficiency and / or opening new markets. Specializations: management and management consulting, tax consulting, corporate restructuring and reorganization, start-up, process management, management control, internationalization, personnel management.

Renato Salsa


He began his professional career in 1998 at Merrill Lynch in New York as an assistant portfolio manager. In 2001, after working as a buy-side equity analyst, portfolio manager and member of the Banca Sella Group's advisory board for private equity, he moved to the Mergers & Acquisitions division of Ernst & Young Financial-Business Advisors, where he became M & A Manager. In 2006, he joined McKinsey & Co., specialising in Corporate Finance and Private Equity, and in 2009 he was called by the Minister of Economy and Finance as a member of the Treasury Department's Expert Committee, with the task of launching the private equity fund Fondo Italiano d'Investimento. He became a member of the Steering Committee of the management company and in 2010 Founding Partner and Senior Partner of the Fondo Italiano d’Investimento, where he remained until April 2017. In May 2017, he was called to Lugano to manage important family assets that he brought together within Grace Capital Partners SA, an independent Swiss multi-family office with an extremely personalised and multidisciplinary approach. Renato has over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, private equity and management consulting and has managed many M & A transactions both in Italy and abroad, operating in all industrial sectors, with the main focus in the middle market. He has held various positions as a member of the Board of Directors in medium-sized Italian companies. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration, with a specialisation in Corporate Finance at the L. Bocconi University. He is a Certified International Investment Analyst and a lecturer in Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Valuation and M & A. In 2017, he was also awarded an honorary degree in Financial Sciences. Renato is a member of numerous clubs and associations.

Jacopo Moschini


Entrepreneur and business manager specialized in communication strategy, he is involved in developing projects related to marketing strategies aimed at internationalization, mainly towards emerging markets, such as China, Russia, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, in search of new business opportunities. The goal is indeed to find buyers and international competitors as well as to improve networking through new partnerships. As a Partner and CEO of MyChicJungle, his job is to monitor the most important communication trends and activities in the market, proposing the best strategy for each type of client in order to help brands become successful brands. , through the construction of an effective identity and a high reputation, both online and offline.

Federico Pacilli


BSc in "Bank and Financial Markets”, UX designer and frontend dev. Co-founded a venture-capital-backed company. Lecturer at the LUISS University teaching UX Design in the pre-acceleration ‘Lean Start-up’ programme. Cryptocurrency and ICO expert.

Gianluca Massini Rosati


Serial Entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business angel specialized in taxes, data entry and company accounts. He has more than 20 companies in 5 countries, employing over 150 staff. He founded one of the big five accountancy firms in Italy and counting more than 10,000 active clients in the last two years.

Edoardo Narduzzi


In the early 2000s Edoardo Narduzzi founded several companies (Proxitalia Spa, EvaBeta Spa, NETikos) and in 2004 co-founded his largest company, Techedge Spa. The company, dedicated to technological solutions for companies, today employs 1,300 people, bill 150 million and is present in 12 countries of the world. But the "serial entrepreneur" Edoardo Narduzzi, not satisfied with his many successes, between 2009 and 2012 also founded Mashfrog and Trust My Phone "hyper-technological" gems "that appeal to the most varied sectors and contributes to the startup of Vetrya, for over a year listed on the AIM. Writing remains a great passion and, between one startup and another, Edoardo Narduzzi finds time to publish eight essays among which, with Massimo Gaggi, "The end of the middle class and the birth of the low cost company" (Einaudi, 2006).

Davide Baldi


Serial entrepreneur, expert in creating commercial networks, owner of businesses across a range of sectors including management consultancy, Blockchain projects and real estate development. Supplies strategies geared at growing Italian and overseas business, with a view of helping businesses go international.

Alberto Ferlin


Registered in the register of Chartered Accountants and auditors after having carried out a process of professional growth in other structures, in 2007 he founded the boutique Ferlin Tiozzo & amp Associati specialized in offering tax advice, corporate and financial advisory services. He has developed both in Italy and abroad important experiences in M & A operations, extraordinary finance and corporate finance. He is a member of the international fiscal association (IFA). Advisor for investment strategies has collaborated on the launch of some speculative investment funds.

Stefano Tresca


Fintech and digital transformation expert. A serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and tech investor. Founding member of Level39, the largest tech accelerator in Europe for Fintech and future cities. Founder of StartupHome, a co-living community for entrepreneurs.

Naeem Aslam


A former hedge fund trader at Bank Of New York and portfolio manager at ITC with more than a decade’s trading experience, Naeem is a regular guest on Bloomberg, CNN and other major outlets, and maintains a column for Forbes. He has lectured at the LSE, Warwick University and the University of Leeds, and regularly delivers keynote addresses at events and conferences around the world alongside senior financial and political officials. He is a member of the Global Blockchain Alliance, an organization dedicated to encouraging blockchain uptake.

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